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Furniture Design, Construction and Restoration

The artistic evolution of furniture making

David J. Lunin is a designer and builder of 18th-century reproduction furniture as well as surreal adaptations of traditional furniture. With a career that has evolved over three decades, Lunin’s expertise also extends to restoring antiques — a process which includes precision woodworking, color matching, and a deep knowledge of colonial American design. Lunin is best known for an eye-to-detail and a unique talent for woodturning, a craft that uses a wood lathe with hand-held tools to cut a shape that is symmetrical around the axis of rotation. In the 18th-century, furniture makers grew specialties as joiners, carvers, gilders, turners or finishers. Today, high-end furniture makers do it all — and Lunin is setting the standard for the highest quality craftsmanship.

The Art of Woodturning

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